Freedom Fest 2023


Evangelist Zach Teasdale is a graduate of Evangelism Bootcamp from Christ for All Nations (CfaN) and the desire of his heart is to see revival to flood the United States to the ends of the earth. We develop the branding for his gospel crusade name, Freedom Fest, with all the branding material and promotional items, inviting people to join the event.

Freedom Fest Website Design

Freedom Fest Social Media – Facebook

Freedom Fest Billboard – Artist Rollout

Freedom Fest Billboard – Ministers

brand designed for Cornerstone Errands, of a elegant woman on high heels holding gift bags one black and another pink, with a lined circle around with the words "Cornerstone" using a geometric style writing in black and "Errands" using a fancy handwriting style font in pink on the bottom of the circle

Freedom Fest Flyer – Fields of Faith

Freedom Fest Flyer – Block Party

Freedom Fest Flyer – Main Crusade Event (Front)

Freedom Fest Flyer – Main Crusade Event (Back)

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