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“Revista Condomínios da Baixa Mogiana” is a premier magazine dedicated to celebrating condominiums in the Baixa Mogiana region. With its distinctive format and targeted distribution strategy, our publication specifically addresses the discerning audiences of social classes A and B. Our magazine is published quarterly and boasts a circulation of 6,600 copies, printed on high-quality paper. We proudly distribute complimentary copies to residents of 65 horizontal and vertical condominiums across seven cities in the Baixa Mogiana region: Mogi Mirim, Mogi Guaçu, Itapira, Estiva Gerbi, Holambra, Santo Antonio de Posse, and Jaguariúna, all nestled within São Paulo, Brazil.

The content we feature spans a range of relevant topics including health, wellness, beauty, security, leisure, finance, environmental concerns, decor, travel, construction, cuisine, behavioral insights, and more, tailored for the sophisticated residents of upscale condominiums.

I designed content pages and some of the advertisements crafted for both editions of our magazine. Issue 11 can be accessed here and issue 12 here. We hope you find them engaging!

Capadoccia: Issue 11

Ladies Fashion

Cardo: Issue 11

Electric Services

Espaço Kza: Issue 11

Architecture and Interior Design

Visa Decor: Issue 11

Interior Design

Colegio Educar: Issue 12

Private High School

Capadoccia: Issue 12

Ladies Fashion

Macol Piscinas: Issue 12

Pool Services

Let’s Start A


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