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“Revista Condomínios da Baixa Mogiana” is a premier magazine dedicated to celebrating condominiums in the Baixa Mogiana region. With its distinctive format and targeted distribution strategy, our publication specifically addresses the discerning audiences of social classes A and B. Our magazine is published quarterly and boasts a circulation of 6,600 copies, printed on high-quality paper. We proudly distribute complimentary copies to residents of 65 horizontal and vertical condominiums across seven cities in the Baixa Mogiana region: Mogi Mirim, Mogi Guaçu, Itapira, Estiva Gerbi, Holambra, Santo Antonio de Posse, and Jaguariúna, all nestled within São Paulo, Brazil.

The content we feature spans a range of relevant topics including health, wellness, beauty, security, leisure, finance, environmental concerns, decor, travel, construction, cuisine, behavioral insights, and more, tailored for the sophisticated residents of upscale condominiums.

I designed content pages and advertisements crafted for this edition. Issue 13 can be accessed here. We hope you find them engaging!

Arcuri Odontologia


Guidolin Elétrica & Obra Prima Decoração

Electric Services & Interior Decor

Buffalo Grill

Grill Design and Accessories


Furniture & Decoration

Marmoraria São Judas Tadeu

Marble Supplier

Maison Terane

High Couture & Dress Rentals

Espaço Genesis

Venue Rental

Support para Festas

Rental of Party Decorations

Manacá Eventos

Event Decoration

Villa Mogi

Seafood Restaurant

Let’s Start A


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